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Franklin has spent the past several decades mastering his skills in the areas of leadership, sales, marketing, finance and digital media with some of the biggest brands and companies in the world.  Notable accomplishments in several disciplines and real world experience has enabled him to coach business owners and brands to exceptional success in the ever changing digital world.

RNR EP 10 with Guest Lewis Johnson

Lewis Johnson is the owner of LDC Cleaning and a person that I have known for years.  A man of high integrity who chose to start a business in an area that he was totally unfamiliar with after being downsized from Corporate America.  Lewis shares his perspectives of...
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RNR EP 9 with Guest The Undercover Advisor

This has been one of my favorite episodes to date. I get the chance to have a real honest discussion with someone who has been my advisor in more ways than one.  I call him the Undercover Advisor, and it is his real honest "outside looking in" advice that has helped...
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RNR EP 8: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Too many times businesses look at marketing as a last ditch effort to increase sales.  More often than not, businesses expect inbound traffic to websites to translate into sales and are often disappointed.  The digital marketing industry has made a lot of empty...
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RNR EP 7: Real and Raw with Guest Nicki Anderson-CEO of Top Ranked National Chamber

This week I had the pleasure of having a chat with a remarkable person, Nicki Anderson who started out as an entrepreneur and ended up as CEO of the top ranked Naperville Chamber of Commerce.  Naperville is constantly being ranked as one of the best places to live in...
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RNR EP 6: Real and Raw with Guest Rick Lochner of RPC Leadership Associates

Rick Lochner, founder and CEO of RPC Leadership Associates knows a thing or two about developing the leader in all of us.  A West Point Graduate, military officer, successful C-Suite Executive and now business owner, Rick Lochner is on a mission to help companies and...
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RNR EP 5: Real and Raw with Guest Thomas Herman of CRO Roundtable

Gained a lot of knowledge with Thomas Herman of the CRO Roundtable in this session. Thomas was very real and frank about some of the challenges that he sees when working with companies that are desiring growth. CRO RoundTable was created as a forum for sales leaders...
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The Necessary Evolution of Social Media

Let's face it. Social media is here to stay, and those businesses and digital marketers that do not embrace it or its changing nature will vanish into oblivion. Alright, that may be a bit dramatic, but as digital marketing and with it, social media, become more...
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Social Media’s Diversity Problem

2011/05/10 · By Tracy Bains Tracy Bains is a writer and marketing strategist. She currently serves as Manager, Communications...
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4 Great Apps for Business That You Probably Never Heard Of

People are always impressed with the apps and programs that I use to either schedule appointments, share business cards or simply manage my life and business. So, being that I am such a giving guy and not too selfish with my secrets, I am going to share them with you....
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Cinderella Team-A Lesson in Leadership

  The past two years have been amazing for me, not because my company posted record gains or there was some life altering event. No, they were amazing years because for the 4th consecutive time, with two different teams, I have had runners of mine qualify for the...
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The 5 Best Ways to Lose Followers

We have all seen it before. It is that email that undoubtedly will end up in your inbox at one time or another stating that "a friend wants you to like their Facebook page." First of all, you never had any idea that they even had a Facebook page. Secondly, you start...
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3 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is the Future

Have you heard of influencer marketing? If not, it may be the game changer that can take your brand and your company to the next level. Here is why. Influence is defined as "the action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior and opinions etc. of...
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I will help you develop a comprehensive social media strategy and assist you with identifying the right target audience, content, social platform,  and timing.


As a West Point graduate, veteran, and an accomplished sales and marketing professional, I will deliver a message that can motivate management, employees, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life to become empowered to excel beyond what they ever thought or dreamed of accomplishing.


I will help you connect to the decision makers and brand advocates while leveraging social media to help you grow your brand visibility in a cost effective manner.


Over 2 years of sales and marketing experience as well as a social media thought leader

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